We all love LEGO in the Constant house, it’s the one thing that I still do now as a grown up that I did as a child (apart from making pretend restaurants of course). We have been playing a lot of LEGO lockdown activities over the past few weeks, from building new sets, playing games to building challenges. Even the LEGO employees are building from home…

The LEGO Group employees from around the world have shared an inside look into how they are keeping themselves, their families (and even their pets) curious, creative and connected using LEGO bricks and more to help them find moments of playful joy every day. You can watch the fun #LetsBuildTogether videos on the LEGO website or on their Facebook page.


Daily challenges

If you head over to http://www.lego.com/letsbuildtogether, you can pick up a daily challenge set by LEGO. You can see other people’s ideas and also watch live build-a-longs so you can make lots of fun stuff at home. Inspired by our Easter game of LEGO Ludo, Daddy and Isla created their very own version of LEGO Noughts & Crosses. Very creative! We have been playing with seasons too – this guy is from Winter.

Winter LEGO

Build challenge

On the wall I have some sticky notes with items on to build. We do random LEGO challenges where we have to create something and see who did what. It’s great as everyone does something different and in a very different way. They have made a house, a vehicle and today we are going to try an animal. I loved the Easter Egg Isla built on Sunday:

Easter Egg

Building sets

We have a lot of building sets, some are broken up so we are going back through the boxes and restoring them. We got some new ones for Easter too. Mummy got the Harry Potter The Knight Bus (I LOVE IT) and I had lots of fun building this on Easter Sunday.

Harry Potter bus

Create your own LEGO board game

Another activity inspired by our LEGO Ludo game over Easter, I am going to make a LEGO Cluedo version. I have set out all the pieces I need so I am going to rummage through our LEGO stores and find the right people and weapons. Then create the board. I am excited and the kiddies can help me find the right pieces too.


What have you been building at home during lockdown? Do you have any LEGO lockdown activities to add to the list? I used to play for hours building houses and pretending my LEGO bricks were people (Mum, Dad and kids). I might just do that later on today!

This post is not an Ad, I have purchased all LEGO items myself, all photography and opinions are my own.