My children are in love with PJ Masks, they have won them over, completely. So when I was asked if we wanted to review the new DVD (the very first DVD too), I just knew what the kiddies would say! If you haven’t seen PJ Masks you will find it on Disney JR. My kiddies are still loving this channel and we always have to put PJ Masks on after school.

Not only did we get the DVD to watch, but we also got a fabulous box of goodies to sit and enjoy the DVD with. We took it all with us to Devon and it was perfect for when the rain came down on the Saturday afternoon. The children loved turning the holiday cottage into a PJ Masks party.

There are 3 school children in this fun cartoon show, they each have special skills and powers and they don their PJ outfits, as day turns to night, to become heroes. There is Catboy, Owlette and Gekko. Isla loves Owlette, the pink one and Noah loves Gekko, the green one. Catboy is the blue one.

The DVD has six episodes on it and each are 24 minutes long:

  • Speak UP, Gekko
  • Catboy & Master Fangโ€™s Sword
  • Catboy vs Robo-Cat
  • Owlette and the Giving Owl
  • Catboyโ€™s Flying Fiasco
  • Owlette and the Flash Flip Trip

You can buy your very own copy of PJ Masks Time to be a Hero from Amazon, for ยฃ7.99. We even dressed Isla up as a Halloween version of Owlette for Trick and Treating this year. She loved it! She imagined she was saving someone, as it was dark and pretended the gold cape was part of her pyjamas. We used our imaginations, that’s for sure. All inspired by our very own heroes. And of course, little teddy joined in on our picnic too:

The kiddies also received some fun PJ Mask goodies: Isla loves her Owlette mask. A cool PJ Mask board game called night shift. They love snuggling with the PJ Mask blanket and playing with Owlette’s vehicle “owl glider”. They loved all of the wonderful gifts. Fab ideas for any little hero fans this Christmas. 


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