Well I thought this was worth blogging about, so here goes…

The Ta game

When driving home from Biggleswade Friday night I had every mothers nightmare, a dilemma in the car, when you’re on your own & on the motorway!

Noah had a plastic bottle in his hand, which still had the label on. It had stopped him from crying so I was happy about that, but obviously it still had the label on it!

When I was in traffic at the black cat I could see he had a bit of this label in his mouth. A plastic label, not a paper one. I obviously panicked as I couldn’t get out of the car nor could I stop, so I did something which at the time I didn’t know Noah would know!!!

I leant my arm back to his seat and stretched and repeated “Ta” about 2/3 times and low and behold he passed me the label. It was as automatic for him as it was for me asking for it back etc.

I couldn’t believe it!! Obviously us repeating Ta every time we take things off him & give things to him has paid off.

When I got home, Dean & I tried it with his toys & he gave them back every time! Yippee. Clever little man.

Proud mummy moment…

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Last Update: Saturday, 22nd October 2011