Everything in the house can be cheered up by a little Disney. In my opinion anyway. With my parents-in-law currently in Disney land Florida, it inspired me to think about what I could do at home. I love Disney. Here are some of my fabulous ideas of ways to sprinkle a little Disney into your home:

1. Use a Disney theme on your blinds or curtains

Whether its a velux blind, or a Venetian curtain, you can always add a little Disney. Choosing the right fabric is essential. Disney themed blinds from VELUXblindsdirect are a great place to start the search. If you want a subtle Disney theme then choose a fabric that has a pattern on it, otherwise to make a bold statement choose a blind that has a single character on it. I love the Winnie-the-Pooh blind, this would work in lots of rooms.

2. Add little splashes around the Kitchen

I have Disney tea towels, or Disney egg cups, just little things that are in the Kitchen that bring a little magic to mealtimes. I am sure Hubby doesn’t think I do this on purpose, but I do. I love Disney and so do the children. It’s nice to see the Disney mugs and cutlery coming out. 

3. Children’s bedding 

This is an easy win. You can get some fabulous designs out there for toddler sized beds, singles and doubles. You can even suit the grown ups bedrooms in Disney if you wanted to. Stick to the same theme or colour that you have chosen and they will look amazing. The children will love getting into bed with their favourite characters on the bed too. Noah loves his stormtrooper bedding

4. Ornaments for the grown ups 

I have some lovely Disney ornaments scattered around the house. I showcase these and they bring a little life to the rooms. The children love them too and know not to touch them of course. 

5. Tinkerbell in the bathroom 

No, I do not have a real life Tinkerbell in the bathroom but we have lots of Disney bits and pieces in our bathroom. Towels for the children, bath toys, bubble bath bottles and even the toothpastes. 

6. It’s not just the decor 

What I mean by this is you do not have to just use the decor in your home to spice it up with a little Disney. The food we eat and bake is also Disney themed. We make cookies and cut them into Disney shapes, or my top tip for children’s lunches is get a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter and use it to shape their sandwiches. The children love it all the more when it’s their favourite characters. 

Check out this fun video I made with Mumsnet that gives you some ideas to make lunches more exciting for the children: 

Disney kitchen image by Shutterstock.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 27th September 2017