If there is one board game to get this Christmas, it’s Disney’s “Guess the film”. We are huge Disney fans, so it is perfect for us. This is THE game for a Disney fan, whether you grab it to play when the family are together on Christmas Day or buy it for someone. I think Jumbo Games have done a fabulous job with this game, it’s lots of fun.

How to set up Guess the film

First you need to set it all up, it comes in a few parts: the main board, the feet and the cardboard Disney stage. The feet slot into the main board very easily and then the cardboard slots around the main board. It’s very simple. In the box you will also have the special Disney dice, the counters and the movie slides.You have to slot the movie slides in the back of the main board. They are revealed slowly by the front coloured Mickey doors. So be careful when you take them out as you could reveal the movie underneath!

How to play Guess the film

Once you have the stage set up, decide if you are working as teams or everyone out for themselves! We usually play in teams. The youngest rolls the dice first and depending on what colour mouse you roll, you open the corresponding door. If you get the star the you can choose the colour. The idea is when it’s your turn the other team cannot see the board. If you can guess the film you pass and it’s the other persons turn.

If you Guess the movie you win a counter. If you Guess incorrectly you are out for the rest of the round. We played each round by taking it in turns to go first, it doesn’t state clearly in the instructions who goes next after a win. But if you know your Disney movies and you play it as the winner goes first, that person could keep going until they win all the counters. The winner is the team with the most counters. Play best of 5, or 10, or until the counters have all gone!

There are so many movie slides that you could play this numerous times, before you become a pro (because you’ve memorised them). They are categorised in easy, medium and difficult too. The difficult slides are scenes with vast landscapes or tiny characters so it’s not so obvious when you open the doors. The easy slides can be guessed 

Winning and losing

I love these photos, can you tell which child is winning in each photo:

Buying the game

You can buy this game from Amazon for less than £15. A bargain! Definitely a win win in this house…

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018