Next have a new range of goodies in store at the moment, the Star Wars home range and it is amazing. Not only makes a room look great, but also some fabulous Christmas gift ideas for friends and family who are fans. If you are looking for some last minute gift inspiration, find your nearest Next store

IMG_2276Star Wars™ R2D2 Pop Up Car Bin

This is an ingenious idea and the children love it, they are constantly putting things in it and keeping the car tidy. Well a bit tidier than before anyhow. It is only £12, a great gift idea this Christmas. 

You simply wrap the velcro straps around the head of the seat and voila your car bin is installed. As the name suggests it is a pop up style bin, so it quite literally pops up when you take it out of the box. Great for the little ones and you can get tidying straight away. 

Noah likes to have it in his room as a toy tidy now though, it was too good for the car apparently! 

Star Wars™ Darth Vader Money Box

IMG_2236This looks so sleek on the shelf, a great idea for a money box. It doesn’t look like a money box, it looks like an ornament. Perfect for those Star Wars fans that are a bit older! It is £20 and comes in a lovely box, perfect to wrap up Christmas Day. 

904-190-X56sStar Wars Cotton Printed Bed Set

This is my favourite thing from the Next Star Wars collection, how cool does that bed look? Can you imagine your little ones face when they see their bed? It looks like a lot of fun. 

This particular design is exclusive to Next, so if you want to turn your little ones in to Storm Troopers in their sleep – you better head to your nearest store. 

You can only get the set in the size for a single bed, so unfortunately the big kids out there cannot get it for a double bed – but I am sure it won’t be long before you can. Maybe there will be a Storm Trooper next to another fun character to make a his and hers set! 

This set is only £28. 




Star Wars™ Darth Vader Character Lamp


Now this lamp is the coolest lamp in the world! You can use 3 AAA batteries to power it on, or you can use a USB lead to power it up. Which means you can have some fun with this lamp. You can plug it in to your laptop or computer, your car or simply by your bedside. It gives off a blue LED light, which is not hugely powerful, but is a great mood light for any room. It is perfect for the children, to decorate the bedrooms, or a gift for one of the grown ups too. This lamp is £24. 

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