We had THE best time at Rumble Live Action Gaming last week, it kicked off the Summer Holidays perfectly. It is based at Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire and it is great outdoor family fun. Plan your visit by cycling around Grafham Water, having a picnic by the lake and then trying your accuracy skills at Rumble afterwards! Or, the other way around of course.

What is Rumble Live Action Gaming?

Imagine Laser Tag, in the woodland with missions! It completely blew me away, the arena, the equipment and the missions were so organised, it was incredible fun. When you arrive at Rumble, they give you a safety briefing and they go through in great details the idea of the games, the equipment and how it works and a risk assessment. As its in the woods the ground isn’t smooth, so you have to be careful on your feet. There was a grandma leading the other team when we played, it really is safe! There is no pain like with some of these games and the thing I liked most about it was the missions/challenges in each round. You aim for the other persons head band. We had to complete our mission, it wasn’t a leave you to it environment.

Isla Rumble

How does it work?

You are given a headband and gun, which is thoroughly cleaned after every use, the headband and gun come as a set. The gun is just one shape, but the way it’s designed it can pretend to be many different styles of gun. It can also give your team mates a health pack if they are hit. The guns also make sounds, so they tell you when it’s time to go, when you are dead and when you need to reload the gun. They are loud too, it made Isla and I jump at the start. You soon get used to them though.

In round one, our mission was to just stay alive. We were told if we were killed (target down) then we could respawn where we were standing (in some missions you have to run back to base to respawn using the utility box) and so it was a free for all style mission. Noah took the stance of hide and defend and Isla was straight in shooting at everything she could see. It was quite funny. Daddy and I tried to have a bit of both of their tactics, hiding behind the shields. I kept forgetting my head was popping up over the shields and therefore I was an open target!

Daddy Rumble

Round two was my favourite; we had to defend a utility box and the longer you defended it (it knows you are nearby) the more points your team got. Isla and I guarded it with our lives and it was brilliant. We hid in the tower and kept shooting at everyone trying to get to the tower, we managed to defend it the entire round. I was quite proud of our work! You have to go back to base to fill up your ammo as well as respawn, so keeping an eye on that is a good idea.

Team Red

Round three I took the tactic of hide and snipe. We all had 1 shot sniper guns, so it was a case of being still and having a steady aim. My days of playing COD (not that I did for very long) came in handy here! I got the most targets down on that mission. I literally found a spot of cover and I was lying on the ground. Daddy did too. It was hilarious.


At the end they split the teams up and it was a bit of a free for all, lots of fun and I was exhausted! It was a great workout for that hour, we all loved it. When we got home I posted on Instagram and everyone loved the post, I think it’s a hit! I definitely recommend a visit here this Summer, whether you are in Cambridgeshire or further afield. It’s the perfect day out at Grafham Water and Rumble.


Rumble is £15 per head, they have 3 huge arenas and they are all different sizes. They cater for family and friend groups, stag and hens, corporate events and team building groups. So much fun, I literally couldn’t stop smiling the entire time and neither could Daddy!

Below are some more photos from our escapade at Rumble, don’t forget to share the fun on Instagram if you do go, I would love to see… Check out our other fun family adventures too if you are looking for inspiration this Summer.

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Last Update: Thursday, 30th July 2020