Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, Australia, is located in a strategic trade position. Sydney’s harbour allows the city to trade with neighbouring countries, such as New Zealand, and countries from the ASEAN region, India, and the Americas. The large coastal area of Sydney allows even the largest ships to dock and trade with the city. Sydney harbour also allows businesses to easily move their products locally or internationally using reputable Sydney Freight Services that have access to Sydney harbour.

What is a Freight Forwarder?

Freight forwarders are companies that arrange all the logistics and shipping of products for the whole supply chain process. When you do business globally, there are different processes involved, and these processes may vary from one country to another. Freight forwarding companies are experienced in handling all the complex transport and logistic requirements needed for a company to distribute its products in the international market. Sydney freight services will act on behalf of businesses to complete all documentation, clearance, import duties and taxes, handling fees, and other permits needed for businesses to be allowed to distribute their products internationally. 

How to Choose the Right Freight Forwarder 

Whether you are distributing your goods locally or globally, selecting the right freight service provider should be one of your primary concerns. It is important for freight forwarders to know your company’s strengths and weaknesses in logistics so they can oversee your goods properly. Here are tips on how to hire the right freight services for your company. 

  • Assess Your Needs

Before you hire a logistics partner, you must assess your company’s transport and logistics needs. How much volume do you need to move, and how often? Are you planning to branch out or widen your market soon? The right freight forwarder must be able to grow with your business. 

  • Experience and Reach

It is also important to choose a freight forwarder that has experience in your industry. For example, a freight forwarder may be able to move products well. If your goods have specific requirements during transportation, a forwarder who has experience in your industry can properly handle your products. Likewise, it is also important to find out the reach of the forwarder. Can they ship to all countries around the globe, or are they limited to some countries? 

  • Risk Management

Shipping and transporting goods worldwide may encounter problems that will result in lost products.Ships may sink due to extreme weather conditions. It is important to determine if the freight forwarder can mitigate the risks and have the necessary insurance to cover your products for unforeseen disasters or loss. Freight forwarders should give you transparent and open communication. 

  • Customer Service

Since you are going to depend on freight forwarders for your products, you should choose a company with good customer service. Freight forwarders should give you an open line of communication and allow you to track your goods’ delivery in real-time. 

It is best to choose a freight forwarding company that offers other services, such as storage for your goods or multimodal shipments. Freight forwarders should also be flexible and be able to adjust to different conditions. As such, different countries may require different licences and permits. The freight forwarder you hire must have the necessary permits and licences to allow your products to be distributed to different countries.

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