Lucky Hatfield residents were given a new Pizza Express restaurant this month at The Galleria and a brand new autumn menu: which I have to tell you the restaurant itself is funky & fresh and the new menu items are extremely yummy indeed. We tried lots of things off the new menu and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is near Hatfield and planning a trip to The Galleria, why not treat yourself whilst doing your Christmas shopping…


The Restaurant

Hatfield are lucky, the new restaurant is amazing; clean, fresh and vibrant – the décor is really to my taste and I absolutely love the way you can see what’s cooking as the kitchen is all open to the customers awaiting their meals. The duty manager informed us that kids love sitting at the viewing area and watching the chefs make the pizza dough ready to put the toppings on. I must admit, I got lost in the moment a few times staring at the chefs flipping the dough and stretching it out in to pizza shapes.


I thought it was great that the restaurant was so open, it was bright around the kitchen too which completely pulled you to it – you just couldn’t help but watch. The photos do not do it as much justice as being there, you will just have to take a visit to the Hatfield Pizza Express to see what I mean.


The new Hatfield restaurant is open 11:30am everyday and closes at 10:30pm, except Friday and Saturday when it stays open a little longer and you can even book a table, view the menu and order a takeaway on the Pizza Express website – extremely convenient!

The Menu


DSC_6306There are so many brilliant new recipes and dishes to choose from in the new autumn menu that it took me and hubby a while to decide what we wanted.

We did agree that we wanted to share a starter and it led us to only one option, which made things a lot easier – so we ordered our olives and our starter “Dough Balls Doppio”, whilst we deliberated over our mains. The Dough Balls Doppio are the famous Pizza Express dough balls, on a large plate, with 3 pots of yumminess in the middle of them. The 3 pots contain pesto, garlic butter and spicy n’duja sausage & olive oil: they were all very delicious, my favourite is the classic garlic butter but the spicy sausage was a great in-between dip!


I am a huge Calzone fan and so I had to choose the new item on the menu “Calzone Verdure”, when I found aubergine in it, I was so delighted. On the menu it tells you there is char-grilled vegetables in it, so I was very happy to find aubergine. The goats cheese was really lovely as it broke up the spice from the arrabbiatta sauce and it gave your taste buds something to dance about when you get another mouthful. Hubby went for the hottest thing on the menu, he couldn’t resist it and I can confirm it is rather hot. Both meals were absolutely gorgeous, presented perfectly, fresh and extremely tasty. I can not fault the meals in any way, which is unusual for me as I am a fussy eater. You can see all of the fantastic autumn editions on the Pizza Express website.


Tip – Pizza Express do not cook fries, but if you want a side dish that is relatively similar, you have to try the Polenta Chips. They are are vegetarian and really yummy, they are made up of; Italian polenta with rosemary, twice baked and finished with Gran Moravia cheese, served with honey & mustard dressing.


We couldn’t leave without trying a dessert or two, unfortunately they were not new recipes but the same great detail and scrumminess goes into their desserts, just like the rest of the new autumn menu. We opted for the great idea of “Dolcetti”, which means, correct me if I am wrong, something small and sweet; you can choose a hot drink of your choice and you get a small version of the dessert on a plate. Its a fab idea, especially when you are full up from eating calzones and dough balls.


You can view the menu, order takeaway online and checkout your nearest restaurants on the Pizza Express website: You can follow them on Twitter: @PizzaExpress and like them on the Pizza Express Facebook Page. I really hope you can go and visit the Hatfield restaurant, or at the very least get down to your local and try out the cracking new autumn menu!

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Last Update: Monday, 21st October 2013