I adore Autumn, it is my favourite season. Not only does everything look beautiful, but its not too cold or too hot. It’s perfect for throwing on a snuggly cardigan and a comfy paid of boots and jumping around in the leaves. This year I have fallen in love with browns and natural colours. Mixed in with my usual greys and my other love for burgundy. So when I stumbled across JD Williams, I was delighted to find so many wonderful fashion items

Ankle boots

I style these up with skinny jeans mostly, my favourite pair at the moment are dark blue denim, high rise skinny jeans. They are perfect for autumnal walks in the crunching fallen leaves. I tend to wear casual tee’s, turtle neck tops or a good ole comfortable sweater. I also have a pair of black ankle boots which style up very nicely with black leggings or thick tights and my knee length dresses. I find this look is perfect for work or casual as you can add little touches to enhance the look if you are going out. I have two different styles at the moment, both oriented around ankle boots: one is the sort of smart but want to hold onto an ounce of casual and the other is I am going out leaf crunching with the kids so you better keep my feet warm



I wear cardigans everyday. Knitwear is a fundamental part of my wardrobe, including all colours and styles. I have waist length cardigans and knee length cardigans, ones with buttons and ones without. You never know when you might need a particular style or colour. I like to wear natural colours with denim and my new brown ankle boots, I style this natural cardigan with a vest or tee in one of my favourite colours and skinny jeans. For example a burgundy tee or a white vest. The high rise skinny jeans means that it holds my figure in a little bit better and therefore the lack of buttons on the cardigan do not phase me. I also like to wear it with a skater style dress as I think it works really well together. 


JD Williams sent me a pair of trendy and very comfortable Blowfish ankle boots from their womens boots collection. The boots are currently £50.00, I have worn them nearly everyday since I received them and they haven’t worn down or scuffed. They are fantastic quality. They also sent me a Joanna Hope Faux Fur Trim cardigan, which is currently £40. 

There is always one rule when styling outfits at this time of year and that’s to grab a great bobble hat! It makes such a difference to an outfit and keeps your little ears warm too. 

I would love to know what your favourite items are this season and also your favourite colours. Please leave a comment below or connect on social media. 


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Last Update: Tuesday, 1st November 2016