I have been really lucky to be able to work with Adjustable Beds over the past couple of weeks, who have been busy making a lovely eBook of favourite bedtime stories. They are some incredible choices in there, ours being Room on the Broom on page 16. We do love this story and we all get involved when reading it. 

Room on the Broom is one of those stories that has been a favourite with our children since they were small. I think because the story is rhyming and easy to read, it makes it easier to be creative with voices and act out the story as you go along. There are also parts of the story that the children remember and get involved with, for instance the “whoosh” parts. The children memorise the words more and more each time we read it and they can probably tell me the whole story now, with a little prompting. It’s a great story and perfect for bedtimes! 

You can see a copy of the eBook below and download a copy if you would like to save the titles of all the stories mentioned. I would love to know your thoughts on these beloved bedtime stories: 

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Last Update: Thursday, 3rd March 2016