What is important, to us, for a successful family meal out is a good kids menu, child friendly activities and friendly staff. If the children do not feel engaged, or the food choices are not child-friendly it just wouldn’t be successful. That’s why we love Carluccio’s, the children’s menu is healthy and the staff are so super friendly. We always have a wonderful family meal together. Italian food is my favourite and this place is just one of my special places to eat.

We love going to Milton Keynes, it’s about a half an hour drive for us and Hubby works in Bedford so even quicker for him to get there. It was our first time visiting this branch of Carluccio’s though. It was really easy to find as it’s in the Centre:MK. The place is huge but there are maps everywhere, or friendly staff that will guide you in the right direction.


What is on the children’s menu?

The children’s menu is fun and healthy. Also, delicious! During school holidays they very often run a deal with families where the kids eat for just Β£1. It’s an amazing deal. However, the price is only Β£6.25 for 2 courses, drink and starter anyway. It’s a great price. Whilst we waited for our food the kiddies were given colouring crayons and a sheet of paper. Noah drew his dinner and himself, he was hungry and Isla did the same. We then used the back of the sheet to play word games in-between starter and main.


The Kids starter

You do not get a choice of starter for the children, which I think in a lot of ways is a great idea. It forced the children to have something they wouldn’t normally choose but found equally delicious. The starter consists of cucumber and carrot sticks, bread sticks and a fresh tomato dipping sauce. They loved it. You can tell when kiddies enjoy their food as they do not talk! This was one of those moments.

Kids menu starter

The kids main

There are quite a few options. Firstly the kids can choose a pasta (wheel shape or spaghetti), then they can choose 1 of 5 sauces: ragu, meatballs, tomato sauce, cheese sauce or pesto. There is literally something for every child. Isla loves spaghetti and meatballs and her decision was made pretty quickly. Noah decided to go for one of the other options; if your kiddies do not fancy the above they can have either a lasagne or a pea and ham risotto. Noah went for the lasagne and he absolutely loved it.

Kids menu lasagne

The kids extras

In the kids menu the choices of dessert are: yoghurt with fresh berries, ice cream, sorbet or apple & blackcurrant ice lolly. They love the ice cream and ice lollies. We did get them an extra treat on this trip though and went for the grown ups “giant profiterole” dessert. They ate every last drop too!


To finish off their meal they had a Babyccino, which they both love. It is hot frothy milk in a cute Carluccio’s espresso cup set. It comes on a saucer and they look so cute drinking from them. I think they love it as they can be like Mummy & Daddy with their coffee!


The grown ups menu

We went for different options to our normal choices and it was nice to try something different. I had Mushroom & Kale Brushetta which was delicious and Daddy chose the Arancini. Which is a rice ball filled with spinach and smoke mozzarella. I had that last time and it is delicious.

For our mains, I chose the new vegan meal: Veganese. Which was a vegan escalope, sweet and sour peppers and tender stem broccoli. It came with a delicious vegan mayonnaise too. Daddy had the pan-friend sea bass fillets which came with potatoes and a yummy salsa.

The staff are just so friendly here at Carluccio’s in Milton Keynes, they entertained the children and laughed with the children. It was nice to see them smiling. By the end of the meal the kiddies kept trying to get the waitresses attention to make her laugh. Full of character and it was so nice to see the children engaging with the staff.


Carluccio’s Mother’s Day offer

Treat Mumma to a nice 3 course meal this Mother’s Day with a glass of fizz for only Β£22.95. Find your nearest branch and see the menu online. The great thing about the menu, online, is you can filter out what you cannot eat very quickly. It made it easy to choose what I wanted for dinner.

What do you think?

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  • Emma Middleton
    Wednesday, March 4, 2020

    Looks great, we have one local to us I shall have to try

    • Lesley Prestage
      Saturday, March 7, 2020

      Love Carluccio’s πŸ™‚

  • Karen Radford
    Monday, March 9, 2020

    I love Italian food but have never been to Carluccio’s as there isn’t one in our local area.

  • Lyndsey cooksey
    Saturday, June 6, 2020

    What a delicious sounding menu! The prices arnt too bad, particularly the children’s. The food looks lovely too. Very nice!

    Wednesday, September 29, 2021

    Looks like a great place,food looks lovely