Day 4 has been a bit like yesterday, when we were home and had time to think, we were great at using the potty. But out and about not so good…

The good thing about today though, was that Noah is clearly learning to control his bladder. He didn’t wee the whole time I was out in the afternoon, even when balling his eyes out at the dentist. So that was good, all wee wee’s on the potty and his poop was still in his pants.

I am not sure why but Noah really doesn’t like to take his pants off if he can help it, he wee’s on the potty with his pants on, unless I am there at the ready to take them off before weeage.

To summarise we are definitely there with what the potty is for, he uses it perfectly when his trousers are off. When he is clothed it is a slightly different story. Still afraid to poop on the potty and keeping pants on to wee when he can! Next task is to get him to pull his pants down before using the potty!

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Last Update: Tuesday, 7th May 2013