Today has been a bit of a topsy turvy day; we went to the park this morning and dressed Noah in normal clothes (I didn’t do his shorts up though so they were easy to pull down) and we did no wee wee’s on the potty and had 3 accidents in his pants!

I kept asking him if he needed a wee but the thought and excitement of running around was much more fun and wee wee’s naturally went to the back of his head.

In the afternoon


We had a nice time around the Rooks’ and played in the garden, we went back to “Pants Boy” and he seemed much happier and went on the potty 4 times on his own… We did have a poop in the pants incident though.


It is apparent that when I can concentrate on “potty training” and not be doing much else, we succeed with it and like yesterday every wee is on the potty. But when we are back in the normal world we are not so successful! It is also coming to light just how much preparation you need for everyday outings, taking potty with us everywhere and making sure we have washed pants ready for the next day. It is quite a stressful transition for both toddler and parents I think, I wasn’t quite ready for the changes personally and Daddy keeps saying he doesn’t like it as our baby boy is growing up!


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Last Update: Monday, 6th May 2013