The only real preparation I did for Day 2 was to make sure I had plenty of pants washed and dry ready for another attempt, after yesterday and around 20 pairs of pants I think it was a safe bet. I did change his pants even after a dribble of wee yesterday, maybe I was being overly clean but hey ho – I am prepared for a few days of extra washing. I woke up with the view that if he really didn’t get it today then I would not push it any further because I could sense him getting really stressed out yesterday. I had nothing to do today, except be there for Noah and watch out for the signs and I think it really paid off as we did it every time…

The Second Morning

This morning could not have been more different to yesterday, Noah & Isla stayed at Nanna’s so I whooshed them back home at 8am and as soon as we got home I took his night night pants off (pull ups) and we were ready to start again. We had breakfast, we cleaned up, got dressed (half dressed) and played some games and nothing. It got to about 10am and I could see he wanted a wee, he has some characteristics which I have noticed over the past 2 days – one is that he walks with his knees together and two he holds his dinky – like any man! I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty and do a wee wee and get a sticker, I was expecting a “no” like yesterday, but he rushed over to the potty, pulled his pants off and did the biggest wee I have ever seen. He did a great job.DSC_4270

Over the next few hours, he kept running over to the potty and off his own back doing a wee, gathering the stickers up and by lunchtime he had 5 stickers – but we hadn’t done the morning poop. Every single wee that Noah did either was on the potty completely, or started in his pants and ended up on the potty. We had 2 pants changes by lunchtime too, a considerable difference from yesterday – it’s like he woke up and thought I know what I need to do today!DSC_4305

The Afternoon

This afternoon was spent mainly outside, we played on the trampoline with Isla in his pants and he helped Daddy cook dinner on the BBQ and we moved the potty into the middle of the patio which didn’t phase him at all, he did a wee on the potty much the same as he did inside. He is starting to not want to pull his pants down though and weeing on the potty with his pants still on. I am not sure if this is linked into not pooping, or if he feels more comfortable having them on. But I wasn’t arguing with him, we went through a few more pairs of pants – but the main point was he had earned himself 10 stickers by dinner time. Every wee today had earned him a sticker, I was very proud. He just seems so grown up! DSC_4285

Out of the House


We took a walk after dinner to the park around the corner, we wanted to test what he did whilst out and about and not in the house, we also recognise he has to learn that he can’t wear just pants all day long. He did great, we were out for about an hour and I saw the walk and the dinky holding, so I said to Daddy he needs a wee and I went running over with the travel potty and realised I was slightly too late – his trousers were soaked but he finished off on the potty without a problem and we just quickly changed his pants and came home for bath, where he got his 11th sticker! Well done little man, you are one very clever boy and Mummy & Daddy were very proud of you today. DSC_4324

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Last Update: Sunday, 5th May 2013