It’s been a rough time over Christmas, Noah managed to bag a really horrible bug on Christmas morning and this stayed with him over our New Year holiday as well. Such a shame that it came at the worst time of year, when you want to celebrate and be happy and playful. Despite this we have come on in leaps and bounds with a lot of things, we are very proud little parents. 3years2

First off we have less and less of the tantrums and a lot more wanting to be involved, wanting to help and wanting to be a good boy. There is the odd occasion where “boys will be boys” but this is few and far between these days. There are a lot more accidents, as opposed to did it on purpose and a lot more fun! That’s the bottom line really, when toddlers aren’t being naughty things are fun. You can do a lot more and the activities are enjoyable! We have started venturing to places we do not usually, to get them both used to it – for example eating out in restaurants. Not fast food chains. This is stressful in itself but a lot more pleasurable than in the past. I think we are finally getting to the age where Noah is coming away from Toddler-hood.


Noah Sentences

Noah loves talking, if you ignore him you will soon know about it: “Why you not talking to me?” he is using a lot more expression in his tone when he talks now. I love his new telling a story tone of voice, it’s great. When I ask him to read the Gruffalo to Isla, he will sit down and open the book and out comes this really grown up and excitable voice “One day, in the deep dark wood” – his little voice comes to life. He is starting to explain things a lot better now too, what is hurting and what he means about something. I have noticed, I am not sure if this is to emulate Isla, but he keeps asking “whats that” and pointing to things. I am happy to tell him, so he learns, I imagine he is soaking it all up. But because Isla does this all day long, I am not sure if it is a quick act to get some attention.



Noah’s imagination is ever increasing – watching him play is getting more and more interesting. I suppose because he is more vocal now he explains things and talks more, so you know what he is thinking! Instead of trying to work out what he is thinking. He often pops to the shops, comes home with milkshake and makes it all in front of you – complete with beep beep beep for the milkshake making machine. You can hear him talking to his characters, they talk and play with each other. Generally one is telling the other off, or someone is in the naughty corner for doing something they shouldn’t At least he is listening to us!

Sibling Love

As I mentioned above, this is just growing and seemingly each month I write how much more loving they are towards each other. It is a joy to see them together, playing together, singing together, dancing together – all the fun things that siblings do. But it is also nice to see Noah developing a caring, nurturing side towards Isla where he wants to look out for her. He directs her out of danger and he will tell her not to be naughty, which then prevents her from being told off. It is nice to see and I am so glad we are getting there.


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Last Update: Thursday, 9th January 2014