Have you also noticed the pleasant calmness of a garden early in the morning? Even in the early evening, when it’s bathed in a violet-like light from the setting sun, greeting the family of birds who always hangs out in your tree at the end of the day – if only the sunset could linger a bit longer.

We spend a lot of time on making it look as pleasant as possible, investing hours of strenuous work in the sun, only to watch it wither and die in a few months; so why do people even bother with their gardens?

The idea of being able to step right outside and enjoy joyful chirping, the buzzing of bees, and that heavy perfume that hangs in the air from flowers in bloom is enough to make most of us pull on our gardening gloves. Someone who finds joy in gardening loves the look of a young a fragile sprout; of colourful buds and new life – that they have to start over again next year is merely the circle of life.

Physical health benefits

All of those hours they spend in the garden is wonderful news for their physical well-being, by the way. We were designed for long days of hard work and, although very few of us make use of our bodies the way we should, the simple joy of gardening can add years to your life.

Pruning roses and bushes, planting bulbs, digging new beds, and turning the soil of your garden keeps you active. It’s an ideal way of becoming more active without even noticing it, especially if you work from home – and is perhaps the reason for all of those lovely gardens in your neighbourhood.

Just like having a sport as a hobby will make it easier to enjoy being active, hours on your feet in the backyard will make you smile with relief as you sit back down again later. It provides you with a purpose for moving when you’d otherwise be tempted to sit still and is, with all of its benefits, one of the best non-exercise movements you can treat yourself to.

Mental health benefits

A gust of fresh air is good for your health, they say, but did they mention how great it is for your well-being too? That even ten minutes of sunlight and nature is able to put a smile on your face is probably something you don’t need others to tell you; it goes further than that though, and spending time in nature can give you that sense of connection you’ve been looking for.

Maintain a garden will also keep your mind active as you expand your knowledge. You’ll be reading more about roses, learning about halls greenhouses, and furthering your curiosity every day as you find new ways of improving the plants.

When you’re blissfully tending to your young plants, pruning the older ones, and raking away all those leaves, you’re also experiencing a powerful stress-relief. Recent studies have found gardening to be even more relaxing than reading; stress, as we all know very well, can cause everything from headaches, heart conditions, irritability, and generally make existing conditions in your body even worse.

The therapeutic benefits of tending to your garden stand next to those of mindfulness and meditation – taking everything into consideration, it makes a lot of sense to get out there and smell the flowers.

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Last Update: Monday, 31st July 2017