My 5 favourite #Corrie moments

Mecca challenged me to write about my 5 favourite Coronation Street (#Corrie) moments as the drama on the street is getting to boiling point (with a rather exciting couple of episodes tonight may I just add) it sat and made me think about which story-line’s have been my favourite. The number 1 favourite moment was easy pickings, the other 4 were harder to narrow down.


My top 5 Coronation Street moments are:

  • My favourite moment of Coronation Street so far has to be during the story line of Hayley and finding out she had cancer, this was about the time I lost my Grandad so I really related to it.  The symptoms were the same and the whole process was so familiar and quite raw. It just proved to me why I watch soaps like Coronation Street, they play on “real” things and they make the soap, well real. Which means to me, that there are other people out there feeling the same things I did and relating to how I was feeling. One of the best moments during the months of this story line was when Hayley was talking to Roy about remaining positive and carrying on, such a positive comment and I can imagine, if faced with that future I would be saying the same thing to my husband. Always half glass full and it was such a great portrayal of how a couple may feel when faced with that information.
  • One of my other favourite moments in Coronation Street was when Kirsty, FINALLY, got arrested for beating and emotionally destroying Tyrone. The domestic abuse story line was really gripping and in fact I was annoyed with myself for getting so involved in the story. It frustrated me so much that she didn’t get found out and that Tyrone was going through it all, so it was great when she got found out.
  • For the same reasons that number 2 is a favourite moment, the 3rd moment for me was when Karl was arrested for burning the arches. It was one of those moments where I felt so relieved that he was no longer going to get away with it and the story line needed to come to a close in the most perfect way – which it did. He was so smarmy and really wound me up whenever I saw him, so I was extremely happy when he got arrested.
  • The Frank and Carla plot also was a storyline which had me gripped to the TV, what a horrible experience for Carla to have gone through and I cannot imagine how anyone could go through that, it was good to see how it might make someone feel and deal with it and also what horrible people like Frank could be like too. I am so glad he got what he deserved, go Sally!
  • Watching the residents of Coronation Street deal with the tram crash and what came after its events was really overwhelming, can you imagine what that must be like for a small community of people? I cannot believe what some people go through and how they deal with it. It was really great TV!


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