Every piece of wooden furniture is unique, because no two pieces of wood are the same. Wood furniture is a lifetime investment, and if properly cared for can be passed down through the generations. Always buy quality when it comes to wood furniture and choose a specialist retailer like Fortune Woods. It’s not uncommon to find several variations within a single piece of furniture as the natural colour and grain of the wood may react differently to the finish.


Using Water to Clean Wood

It’s important to be very careful when using water to clean wooden furniture, as wood should never get soaked or wet through. This can cause swelling, staining and warping if the water penetrates the finish on your furniture. It’s best to use pads, cloths, runners or coasters to protect the item from spills and water rings.

Dusting Your Wooden Furniture

Wood furniture will benefit from frequent dusting, as long as you are using a clean, washable clothing made from soft, lint-free cotton. Good choices for dusters are old t-shirts, dishtowels and pieces of chamois or flannel. Make sure that your duster has no buttons, thick seams or zips that could scratch the surface of the furniture, and is free from hanging threats that could catch on knobs, moulding or wood slivers. A feather duster is best avoided as it simply moves the dust into the air rather than removing it altogether. Feather dusters can’t be washed and the dust will simply settle back on to the furniture when you’ve finished. Dust is an abrasive and can make wood look dark and unattractive over the years. Some experts recommend adding a few drops of water to your dust cloth as this will prevent the finish of the wood becoming dulled.

Wood Sensitivity

In order to maintain the quality of your wooden furniture, remember that it is sensitive to humidity and will age more quickly if store in a basement, attic, warehouse or garage. It’s important to keep wooden furniture out of direct sunlight and use curtains or blinds to block the light during the hours of the day that are brightest. The ultraviolet rays of the sun will create a bleaching effect and can seriously damage your furniture. It’s also best to keep chemicals including alcohol, nail polish remover and paint thinner away from wood furniture as it can harm the finish. Over time, the oils from fingerprints can make lasting marks on items of furniture, particularly chairs. This is why regular dusting with a soft, slightly damp cloth is essential to good maintenance of your wooden investment pieces.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 27th May 2014