Me & Mine: July 2014

This months me & mine is coming from a quick and impromptu photo shoot in a little public meadow, long grass and hazy summer days are just perfect for getting some lovely and creative shots. It is great when the sun is setting and the moody air is nice and hazed, it gives off a real effect that I just love.


I love looking at the photo above, it reminds me of what was going on when the photo was taken – Daddy has just jumped on us all and was squashing us, it was funny and the children were being really silly. You can see from Isla’s cheeky smile that she was in a mischievous mood, but we still came away from the meadow with some lovely family photos that I will treasure forever.  SM0A1578

July has been an odd month, really busy, in fact far too busy for my liking and extremely hot. I do not remember it being this hot and lovely last summer – to be honest I do not remember being in shorts and tee’s most of the summer last year at all. I was probably still wearing jumpers, knowing me. It has been full of fun, going out and trying to do as much as we can in the summer sunshine and this photo shoot was no exception. We couldn’t resist having a family photo shoot without our Constant “hulk” pose, makes me smile every time:




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