As some of you may have seen on Social Media over the past 6 months, I am now a Cheer Mum. Isla has, quite literally, jumped into it with gusto. She has been in dancing and cheerleading competitions and done a few shows now that make us just want to burst with pride.

I had no idea what to expect when she first joined the cheerleading squad. The first term she was just picking up routines and learning the ropes and all of a sudden, the end of term arrives and a competition looms. A weekend of watching amazing cheerleading routines and getting to know the squad and other cheer Mums. I loved every minute of it but it was completely tiring.

The first competitions Isla entered, her teams won. It was amazing to see how happy they all were and triumphant walking away with trophies and medals. I had no idea what to expect in this new chapter of our lives and neither did Isla, but she absolutely loved the competitions. It also cemented what the training had all been about and she was beaming.

What to expect at competitions?

A long day, so you need food and drink to get you through it all. Being a Cheer Mum also means you need to have your cheer game on throughout too, cheering on the other teams as well as your own child’s. They had fabulous merchandise there to purchase too, all the teams wanted the cheerleading jackets – which they got and now they all wear them to cheerleading club each week.

The main thing I remember from the competitions is the noise! So many children and adults in one room, it is quite overwhelming on your first visit. But you soon get used to it, albeit my ears were ringing for a few hours after each day.

I have made some friendships too, which has been really amazing. It is nice to know other parents going through the same things as you and understanding what is going on. It is also nice to have someone to chat to whilst waiting in-between routines – as Isla always wanted to sit with her team, not me!

We are a very active family; Isla does cheerleading, dance, gymnastics and theatre classes outside of school. And she has started choir too this year and will be performing at the O2 in January. It is amazing to watch her grow in confidence and beam with smiles. She makes us very proud with everything she attempts!

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Last Update: Friday, 18th November 2022