Since we made the move to Sky Q we have never looked back, I absolutely love it. It’s easier to manage family viewing time, we can swap from TV to TV easily (which during lockdown is essential) and there are just so many Sky TV Box Sets to binge watch. All very helpful at the moment as we are required to stay at home.

These are the box sets that I am enjoying and have planned to watch over the next month. If you are watching any of these I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

Sky Box Sets

Things I am currently watching

Bulletproof – Season 2

We are loving this. Bulletproof is all about a London Police department that go undercover to bring criminal gangs to justice. The main characters Pike and Bishop are so funny. They have a great report with each other and they make us laugh. However, amongst the giggles there is a serious side to the show. Season 2 is not disappointing, Watch the Bulletproof Season 2 trailer.

The Outsider

I have 1 more episode of this to watch and I think it’s brilliant. You have to have a little imagination with this one I think as it does break out of the boundaries of the “norm”. It’s a crime drama, with a twist. That’s the best way I can describe it without giving too much away. Another Sky Original on Sky Atlantic and it’s just amazing. I am sucked right in and cannot wait to watch the finale today. It’s based on a Stephen King novel, so I think I might get a copy of the book and read that now. Find out more about The Outsider.


Another Sky Atlantic masterpiece, you have probably guessed that Sky Atlantic is one of my favourite channels. Chernobyl is incredible. We have finished it but I couldn’t NOT list it. It follows the story of Chernobyl and what happened all of those years ago: a nuclear power plant caught on fire and there was a lot of conspiracy and cover up. It’s fascinating. Definitely a must watch. Find out more about Chernobyl.

Big Little Lies – Season 2

I loved season 1, which I feel I cannot talk about as I do not want to ruin it for anyone. It’s all about 3 Mums who seemingly live the perfect life: perfect families, perfect homes etc. I haven’t started Season 2 yet and I am very excited after the cliffhanger of Season 1. Another fabulous Sky Atlantic show, see more about Big Little Lies.

There are some classics in the Box Sets section on Sky TV too: Dexter, The Sopranos, Fortitude and Oz (I found this fascinating about life in prison). There are some great boxsets on Sky Witness too: I love 9-1-1, For the People and Instinct.

The Outsider

Sky TV Box Sets on my to watch list

Gangs of London

Set in the heart of London, this show tells the story of a city being torn apart by the power struggles of international gangs that run it. When the head of London’s most powerful family is assassinated there is a sudden power race to become the new leader. Check out the Gangs of London trailer. This show starts on Sky Atlantic on April 23 2020.

Save Me Too – Season 2

This started yesterday, we really enjoyed season 1 which aired last year. It is a Sky Original and absolutely brilliant, we were gripped throughout Season 1. Season 1 is about a Father, Nelly, who tries to find his estranged daughter with his wife. They do not get on and have a lot of history which makes it all complicated. I won’t ruin any more of it for you. Season 2 looks good I know that much… check out the Save Me Too trailer.


I love Mel & Sue, they have always made me giggle. Hitmen, is another Sky Original that looks brilliantly funny. They kill people for a living and they are just trying to make it through the day. The trailer has me hooked already, check out the Hitmen trailer. The episodes are out now to watch on Sky Box Sets.


I have seen the trailer for this many times (I am also in the middle of watching Without A Trace from the start and Breeders is in most adverts) it looks hilarious. We love Martin Freeman and this show looks like a very funny, yet honest, account of parenthood. Watch the Breeders trailer.

If you have any other shows that you are watching at the moment, I would love to hear about them. I am always up for a good box set. Sky TV Box Sets can be added to your Sky TV by choosing Box Set Bundle in your account.

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Last Update: Sunday, 27th August 2023