As you  may have gathered from the title of this post, it is just a little walk (30 minutes to be precise) that I was able to practice getting the focus right on my new lens. What’s the point of having these wonderful things if you can’t take gorgeous photos of your family with them? So this is the Sony Alpha camera that I got for Christmas with a 50mm (f1.8) lens on. It takes amazing photos. I love them. 

I discovered this barn a few years ago when I started driving a different way to work. It’s very random. Closed up. In the middle of a field and by a public footpath. But I kept forgetting to stop there and check it out. Until last week when I got some lovely photos of the dogs. I wanted to take the children up there and get some nice photos. 

We walked down the hill to the water plant area and the children thought it was hilarious that their boots were totally covered in mud. We explored around the barn for a little bit too and also the children had fun jumping in the icy puddles. It was really cold, especially when the sun went down. It was nice to get out and get some fresh air with the children though. 

Hope you like the photos, these are the ones I liked best (apart from the two above of course): 


Country Kids

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Last Update: Sunday, 15th January 2017