It has been a busy month, Isla is learning so much and doing so much, its incredible. Topped off with the things Noah is learning and the rate he is developing, its the most overwhelming process to be a part of. I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than watching my children grow up and noting down their new activities, words and little cute-isms. Isla is very confident on her feet now, she happily gets from the sofa to the coffee table, she will walk quite well holding onto a finger and she cruises around the lounge on all fours at a rate of knots. Its incredible how quickly she has picked up all this independence. She loves standing up to the mega blok table and playing with the bricks, admittedly she doesn’t build yet, but Noah only given his bricks at 9 months or so, she’s had a 9 month head start. I guess we will have that with a lot of things as the second child doesn’t really get as protected from toys and objects, like the first child does. I do try to keep things out of her way, but there is always something that I have either missed or she’s spotted from across the room.


Isla learnt to clap this week, if you say “clap clap” she claps with the most excited little face a baby girl could ever muster. It makes my heart melt and I cant help but ask her all the time to clap clap!! She is into everything Noah is at the moment, Bolt, Tinkerbell, Numtums, Cars, Bricks, Paint, Playdoh. She looks up to her big brother so much and you can see the love in her eyes when she is looking at him. I can’t imagine what must go through her little head and what she will remember as the days go on, but it is really cute to see.

Isla loves her food, one thing we can be sure of is that she will eat if you put it in her hands. She eats carrots, biscuits, bread, toast and she loves eating chocolate buttons (don’t we all?). She is really good and we have only had one gagging situation so far, fingers crossed we have no more. She seems to have taken it all on pretty well and without a fuss. Now her top 2 teeth are here and her bottom 2, I can imagine she will want to chomp away at a lot more food. We can start giving her pasta and other things that require a little more chew than just bite in half and swallow. She still eats her puréed food, Daddy whips up some vegetable soups with yummy garlic or gravy. She always smells like garlic, its quite funny when people notice.


Well, we still aren’t sleeping through the night, but there could be worse things in life. Some nights we have 2/3 hours of unsettled behavior and most nights we have a 15 minute milk top up in the middle of the morning and then we go back to sleep until 7am. Which I can deal with quite well now. I have come to the conclusion that this is just the way Isla is and she will sleep through, when she wants to. My problem is I have to try and get to bed earlier, leave the housework for another time and get some sleep in whilst I can. Many a night, I drag my sorry self up the stairs to bed at midnight, fall asleep and wake up to Isla crying an hour or so later. It is frustrating, but it’s all my own fault.

Noah and Isla Monthly Comparison


At 9 months Noah was crawling around just like his little sister and he had the most gorgeous hair. I think if you take away his gorgeous hair, Isla looks very similar in the face. Beautiful big eyes and a gorgeous smile. This photo was taken when I went to Standalone Farm with my auntie and cousins, Noah was 9 months old and so happy crawling around the grassy paddock. I posted about it here.

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Last Update: Sunday, 10th February 2013