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Isla Rae – 9 Months


It has been a busy month, Isla is learning so much and doing so much, its incredible. Topped off with the things Noah is learning and the rate he is developing, its the most overwhelming process to be a part of. I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than watching my children grow up and noting down their new activities, words and little cute-isms. Isla is very confident on her feet now, she happily gets from the sofa to the coffee table, she will walk quite well holding onto a finger and she cruises around the lounge on all fours at a rate of knots. Its incredible how quickly she has picked up all this independence. She loves standing up to the mega blok table and playing with the bricks, admittedly she doesn’t build yet, but Noah only given his bricks at 9 months or so, she’s had a 9 month head start. I guess we will have that with a lot of things as the second child doesn’t really get as protected from toys and objects, like the first child does. I do try to keep things out of her way, but there is always something that I have either missed or she’s spotted from across the room.

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