Going on a Ski holiday on a budget

When you take everything into account, going on a ski holiday is not one of the cheaper options out there for a vacation. Think about it: you have to buy/rent various gear, buy tickets for ski lifts, excess baggage charges, etc. Plus that’s all before the cost of traveling and staying at a ski resort!

So when all of this is taking into account, it is understandable that most feel a ski holiday is out of their reach or not worth the bother. However, with a few tips and tricks at your disposal, it is possible to go on a ski vacation on a budget.

Go bargain shopping

When you’re buying your ski gear, don’t just go to the nearest specialist store. Shop around on the Internet or via discount retailers – that way, you should find plenty of bargains for the likes of waterproof jackets, gloves, goggles, and so on. Also, don’t buy what you don’t need; look around in your wardrobe to see what you could take, or ask to borrow any equipment your family/friends might possess.

Time your trip

To save a big chunk of money, it is advised that you time your trip around any school holidays during the winter. Not only is there Christmas and New Year, but there’s also typically a February half term. Avoid these if possible, and you will see a massive difference in your favor when booking a ski resort/plane tickets.

Stay close to home

If you are fortunate enough to live near a skiing resort, don’t pass up the opportunity to use this as your holiday destination. This will help to significantly reduce your traveling expenditure, as you won’t need to fly. Even if you’re not particularly close to a resort but are within the same country, check to see if driving would be cheaper than taking to the air – if you’re going as a family, it likely would be the better option for your wallet. 

Don’t stay in the most popular places

While the temptation to stay in a luxurious, heavily promoted resort will always be there, it is advised that you search for somewhere that is not quite as favored by tourists. Take Colorado for example. You have Aspen Mountain as one of the most popular destinations in this state, but just down the road is the overlooked – yet excellent ski resort – Snowmass. While Snowmass might have that ‘upscale’ tag, thanks to Snowmass Vacations, you can find accommodation that is more affordable than well-known destinations in the state.

Buy lift passes online

On the surface, this might seem like a small point if you’ve never been on a ski vacation before. Using the ski lifts will likely be one of the biggest outlays during your holiday – that is, if you don’t look into buying passes online. Rather than going with the standard cost that is advertised, you’ll find that plenty of resorts will offer a reduced price for passes via their website if booked in advance.

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  • These are brilliant tips! I would love to go to skiing but the cost has always been a bit prohibitive. I will have to look into these options, I didn’t know that about buying lift passes online. Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips

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