This has been the busiest week for us, ever! No doubt about it. We have had so much to clear from the old house that it has been days of there and back. Hubby has been working non-stop around the clock. It’s quite depressing in a way, but had to be done.

We have’t done too much with the house this week as we have been working and clearing the old house out. We have unboxed and put furniture in its place. Slowly starting to feel like a home. I cannot wait for hubby to get his Cooker installed. I am very excited. Hubby has made space for this by taking the kitchen unit out to make the 900mm gap, but it doesn’t look big enough still!

I love the old flooring underneath the current lino. It’s such a treat unearthing all of these surprises.

We have finally found a home for the goldfish in the pond. Next task is to find a home for the greenhouse. We do not want it and it’s dangerous for the children. It’s all hooked up to electricity and our pot plants all have specifically assigned water pipes too – it’s amazing.

The kiddies are happy with their bedrooms. We are finally getting there. Everything is just needing a little organising now. Working out what goes where. We had a quick trip to IKEA to get some units to store things, which was amazing as I need to get things into their new homes.

I love the garden. I keep seeing lots of wildlife. SO many different birds keep coming into our garden – blackbirds are bathing in the pond and we even saw a woodpecker today! Amazing. I cannot wait for Spring.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 22nd January 2019