We had a lovely afternoon at Wimpole Estates this week. We arrived just after midday and had a picnic by the main entrance, which was lovely and we spent the afternoon wondering around the grounds. It’s such a lovely spot and a lot of fun for the children. You can walk for hours around the house, farm and woodland. 

The grounds 

The grounds are so pretty. You can spend hours walking around it and not walk over the same spot of ground twice. We walked from the main entrance to the farm, then after the farm we went to the woodland. After we played in the woodland playground we walked around the garden. We must have walked for 4 hours and even my niece did this, she hardly had a carry. I was really impressed. It was nice for there to be something for all 3 kiddies to do and do together. They had a lovely day. 

The farm

I love the farm, it’s great that you can get up close to the animals. I spent quite a lot of time stroking the piggies. I love them. They are so funny. They were jumping around their pens, playing and we also got to see 1 day old piglets. They were so cute and tiny. The kiddies got to brush the donkeys, it’s great that the farm is interactive. It was nice to hear the folk music in the big barn, I could have sat there all day. That barn is incredible. I would love to know what the grounds and farm looked like when it was a family home. Everything in it’s place and everyone had a job. I must do some research. 

The garden

This is the most beautiful garden in England. That I have seen in any case. I adore it. The high walls, the cute gates and the beautiful flowers. It is looked after really well. I wish I had the time to help, as I would learn so much. I said on social media that it reminds me of something from a Beatrix Potter story. I bet she would have loved sitting there with her notebook and pencil. 

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