I saw this extremely cute image online and it made me think of the fun we have as a family and what fun we will have on Sunday, Father’s Day 2016. This will be the sixth Father’s Day for Daddy, it’s amazing how quickly time flies. Here is a little collection of fun posts from over the years with fun activities for you to do with Dad (or all the family really!):

Find yourself a scoot route

Get out on the bikes, or scooters in a fun location with a great scoot route, or cycle track, whichever takes your fancy. We are in Cambridgeshire and found a lovely scoot route in nearby Bedfordshire last month, the Willington to Bedford scoot route is very picturesque and a fun ride too.

Head to the beach

If it’s sunny, why not head to the beach and do a spot of crabbing or chase the children across a sandy dune, or play dare to dip your toe in the waves crashing on the seas edge. So many fun things to do at the sea side and Wells next to sea has to be my favourite seaside resort in England. There is so much to do including a nearby forest and train ride for the children.

Explore somewhere new

Depending on what time you have available this weekend, add an extra couple of days and make a long weekend of it. Head to somewhere a little further a field and explore somewhere new. Take a hike up a mountain and soak in the views, or find a walking route online and navigate through with the children. Stopping for a pub lunch en route, of course.

There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo

Take a trip to your local forest and pretend to find the Gruffalo, fox, owl, snake and mouse too. The children love doing this, everywhere we go we are finding one of the characters or a reference to the story is made. There are lots of adventures with the Forestry Commission going on this weekend too, I believe adventures with Stickman, so there is something to do for all the family.

Splash around at the park

Find one of your local parks, one that has a splash element to it and put the children in their swimming costumes and watch their faces light up. The children love being free and running around, playing with the water and mingling with the other children – who are equally happy doing the same thing. We are lucky to live, not too far, from Letchworth splash park and the children love it there and so does Mummy. I used to go there as a child too and so it has some great family memories for me.

I would love to hear of any more fun activities to do with Dad this Father’s Day. In case the weather is not as sunny as we hope for or just because you want to share what you’re up to. Comment below and find me on social media @mummyconstant.

Happy Father’s Day weekend!

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