Making family time special at your local parks

When I heard about the new local park campaign that Mama’s and Papa’s are running, it instantly made me think of the fun we have in our local parks. Whether that be a small swing park near our house, the nature reserve around the corner, a National trust place or our favourite park: Letchworth Splash Park, whenever we go to these places we are together and we are happy. 

We are always out and about, mainly because we have a typical boy who likes to be outside and doing things, much like his Daddy. But getting out and getting some fresh air, gives us something to talk about and brings us closer together as a family. Even in the rain, it can be fun! Just holding hands and walking with your little ones can make you feel warm and loved, I often stare down at their little hands holding mine whilst we are exploring. I love that feeling – knowing that they just want you and want to be safe and loved.


One of our favourite spots for fun in the sun, is Letchworth splash park, just off the town centre. It’s full of water and fountains in the warmer months and a great space for scooting in the colder months (there isn’t any water). The children can be free, there’s something to do in all directions: water, swings and slides, ice creams and climbing frame.  Knowing they are free to do what they like, within reason makes them happy and smile. It’s funny how much better they get on as siblings too when we are out having fun. No bickering and fighting over toys. Which in turn makes Mummy and Daddy very happy.


Of course you have to make sure you travel with everything you need to your local parks, but it doesn’t have to mean everything bu the kitchen sink. These days you get brilliant travel accessories to take with you that fit everything the family needs for a fun day out. My favourite travel accessory at the moment is a rucksack that folds away into a bag and it fits in the palm of your hand – brilliant for when the lunches have finished and you have nothing to carry anymore.


I have been reading a lot of outdoor activity inspired books lately, so the next time we go to Letchworth I have a list of activities we can do in the water and around the park. Amongst the usual running into the fountains, eating the ice creams and chasing eachother in the water area.


Mamas and Papas have created a fabulous, interactive, map of parks in London to help you get in the mood and plan for your memory making day out with the children this summer: Heres to Local parks by Mamas & Papas.

London Parks

Do you have any great locations near you that you just love to go with your family? I would love to hear about them in the comments below…


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