From one of the weekly newsletters:
37 Weeks
Now considered to be full-term, your little baby is no longer quite so little. Much plumper by now and gaining one ounce per day, baby’s growing to fill the space – as you can no doubt feel!
The lungs are ready for the birth and your baby’s face is filling out, but not all of your baby’s bones will have hardened by birth. This means the skeleton has more flexible cartilage, making the passage through the narrow birth canal easier.
The baby’s head may have already engaged, dropping right down into the cervix ready for birth, which will make it easier to breathe and eat, but more uncomfortable to walk. When your baby is ready for birth, research suggests that your baby’s brain will trigger hormones that stimulate the uterus to begin contractions.
Measures about 33cm crown to rump
Weighs in at around 6lbs.

Well I can certainly say I am feeling the plumpness of Little C. I have a midwife appointment on Friday morning, so will find out if baby has moved into the “engaged” stage yet. It certainly feels like its dropped now as my belly doesnt feel like its right up under my chin. Everyone that passes me says it looks like it has dropped too. Not really sure what that means by hey ho.
Getting more and more anxious about birth and whats going to happen, but also getting excited about meeting Little C and seeing what sex it is and what it looks like, and whether it loves me and daddy 🙂

Not long to go now until we find out I suppose….

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Last Update: Wednesday, 13th October 2010