Who would’ve have thought that I’d be sitting here 38 weeks pregnant… Waiting for the day that Baby Constant starts his journey in the world!

Midwife appointment on Friday was better than the last, my blood pressure was back to normal. If a little slower than when I was first pregnant. Baby’s heartbeat was back to normal and mine was too, thankfully.

We measured 34 cms this week which was same as 2 weeks ago. Midwife said that this is normal because the head has started to engage so there is less baby bump to measure. I was at the 4/5 stage of engagement on Friday. When we get to 1/5 that means Little C is fully engaged and ready to go. This is all exciting stuff but scary as I now know it’s getting ready for the out. Not long at all really and the little thing will be out of the bump and ready for attention!

This week I’m feeling a little more uncomfortable, sleeping is awkward. When I turn over etc it really hurts. But I know it won’t be long. I also have a nice little waddle on, it feels like I’m balancing a watermelon in between my legs….

2 weeks ahhhh!!!

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Last Update: Monday, 18th October 2010