Family time and outdoor fun in our local park

Family time is really important to me, both with extended family and our little house hold of four humans and three furbabies. When we do get time to spend together we usually throw on something warm, in this weather, and head to the woods or a park. There are lots of pockets of woodland walks around our house, or National Trust parks, but sometimes all you need to do is find a park nearby and let the kids have fun and explore.  


The children are not very good at just getting along when they are in the house all day. Noah is a typical boy and just like his Daddy, he loves to get out in the fresh air as much as possible. It means he can run off his aggressions, playfully charge around and be loud without having to worry. The break of getting out of the house and in the fresh air usually means that the children stop bickering. They bicker over toys and attention from Mummy or Daddy mainly, so when we are out as a family they tend to get on just fine. I love seeing them be nice to each other as usually they aren’t very loving. 


There is nothing better than telling the kids to make a mess. Pick up the leaves and throw them around. They love it. Their happy faces make everything bad from that week melt away. It’s an instant de-stressing tool for me and Daddy. It must be the same for the children too. We can only be out for 30 minutes and that is all you need. It’s great when Daddy takes out the big camera too as he captures the happy moments perfectly. 



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Country Kids
Photos taken by Custardface Photography 

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