Going on holiday for us is not all about airports and hours of travelling across the world. We have fabulous memories of holidays that we’ve taken right here in the UK. Over Easter we went away to Norfolk, a really short drive and we had a fabulous holiday. We went away with friends too which was really fun. 

We booked our holiday through Norfolk Country Cottages and we stayed at Breeze Barn in Bawdeswell. It was a great property for two families as there is a large living area in the centre of the barn, consisting of a lounge, dining room and kitchen area. Then there was an upstairs main bedroom and a nearby bunk bed room. The other side of the property there was a twin room and double room. It meant that we could separate the children in the evenings to ensure that they go to bed properly! The garden area was lovely too, we spent many lunchtimes eating around the table and we even organised an Easter hunt too:

Our week was really fun, we did so many things and they were all within a 30 minute drive from the property. There is so much to do in Norfolk. We were really lucky with the weather too, it was the warmest weekend of the year so far whilst we were in Norfolk, so we took a trip to the seaside. The village of Bawdeswell itself had a super park, in fact I don’t think I have ever seen such a great park. The children had lots of fun running and discovering, it was a minute walk from the barn too – so great to burn off some steam whilst the grown ups were finishing off getting ready or making the dinner. 

Family holiday activities in Norfolk

Each day we did something different, it was great fun. We spent the weekend when we first got to Norfolk on the beach, it was going to be the hottest and nicest weather and we wanted to make the most out of it. I love Wells-Next-The-Sea and so we went there on two occasions, the children love it too. We then travelled to Holkham Hall and had a nice afternoon walking around the grounds, I had never seen it before and some of the views were breathtaking. One day we went to Wroxham and hired a boat for the afternoon, which was a lovely outdoor experience. It was the only time it rained slightly, it was good to have a roof on the boat – the rain didn’t last long. The girlies spent a day at Wroxham Barns enjoying feeding the lambs and an afternoon tea, whilst the boys went canoeing. We did an activity everyday and it was a lot of fun. 

Here are some of my favourite photos from our week in Norfolk, we really enjoyed it and had a fabulous break. We have collected some nice memories too, which is the whole point of travelling in my opinion. It’s a shame nice weeks like that have to end… 

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Last Update: Thursday, 4th May 2017