Since going on the cruise on the beautiful Carnival Vista, I have learnt a lot about what you really need to take and what you could live without. I absolutely loved some items that I purchased before we travelled, but when I realised there wasn’t a lot of room in the suitcase I had to make some tough decisions. There are things that I wished I had taken and things that could have stayed at home. Here is my little cruise fashion checklist that I would suggest every Mum needs before going on a cruise:

Comfortable swimwear

Obviously the most important thing is that you have comfortable, yet stylish, swimwear. I didn’t want to be that Mum who slips out of her skimpy bikini when running after the little ones. I also wanted to maximise the tan as much as possible. I opted for this floral tankini, I loved the fact I could roll up the tummy to get some sun whilst I was sunbathing on board. It was also extremely comfortable, so I could squish the little ones as much as I liked!


Elegant evening dress

Think prom dress, evening dress for a wedding – that kind of dress is what you need for elegant nights on a cruise. There were two elegant nights on our 7 night cruise, both needed a beautifully elegant dress to match the occasion. I went for a pink and gold dress by True Decadence, which I ordered from the Next website. I also chose this rather beautiful yellow lace dress too. It has become my favourite item in my wardrobe.


Excursion outfits

If you go off ship and do an excursion, chances are you will be in a coach for at least 2 hours and you will definitely need comfortable trainers to wear. I went for loose fitting tops that allowed my chest and shoulders to grab some sun and also comfortable shorts that provided the right amount of cover. But, also allowed me to be able to partake in acitivies, some excursions required legs to be covered up to your knees for example. A nice over the shoulder bag became essential whilst off the ship too, I kept my phone and a few Euro’s in it, a little bottle of children’s suncream and the lip gloss for Isla. The usual Mummy items.


I wore the white chino shorts when I did the horse riding excursion, they were so comfortable. I had visions of them being dark brown when I got off the horse, as it was really sandy as we went on our hack through the forest and beaches. They were still bright white, I couldnt believe how hard wearing they were too. Loose and comfortable. Very practical and stylish. Win win!


Comfortable tops

When walking around the ships, ports or on an excursion having a loose fitting and comfortable top is really important. I had a nice selection of vests and tee’s, including a variety of different colours and styles. They came in handy for going to the breakfast hall with a nice comfortable pair of shorts, or the same with lunch. You couldn’t wear swimwear in the food halls so it was always best to have a nice comfortable outfit handy in the swim bag.


My favourite item from the holiday selection has to be the beautiful yellow dress from Next. It is simply gorgeous and I am so looking forward to wearing it to a wedding or christening next year. I styled it up with silver sandals, silver clutch bag and silver jewellry:


Below is a video I created before I went on the cruise on the items I wanted to pack, before it all went in my suitcase of course. I would love to know what you think and what you think of the items I chose, also what is your favourite item out of the checklist. 

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