Just some observations between my children, whilst we have been enjoying the summer holidays. When I say enjoying, I clearly mean pulling eachother’s hair out. They have turned into monsters over the past six weeks and are seemingly reverting back to their happier moods as we are nearing to the start of the school term. This is by no means a list of absolutes. Of course there are moments when Noah will do the opposite of the things written below and Isla too… these are just some of their “natural preferences” and I thought it was a bit of fun too:


Girls do not want to get muddy. Boys will practically lick the mud as they plod through it.

Girls will always complain about Mummy’s choice of outfit. Boys will wear whatever Mummy puts in front of him.

Girls like having their hair brushed. Boys enjoy the scarecrow look (no brushing required). 

Girls need telling once or twice to get their shoes and socks on. Boys need telling once or twice, every 10 seconds, for about 10 minutes before leaving the house. 

Girls will happily play indoors. Boys have to get out at least once a day and charge about like a rhinoceros, making peacock noises and looking like he’s not cleaned in a month.

Girls can easily identify the button, press it and somehow look innocent so the boys get told off. Boys just get told off.

Girls are very dainty in their comments, pronunciation is paramount. Boys just shout loudly and repetitively until you cannot bear it any longer.

 Girls like shopping. Boys do not. Unless there is something in it for them ie, a Hot Wheel.

Girls are great at crafting. Boys make unrecognisable things which need explaining. 

Girls want as many bedtime stories as you can muster. Boys want one then get bored and want to run around the bedroom making peacock noises. 

Girls are crap at camping. Boys are natural born campers. 

Girls look cute when they sleep. Boys look like they are no longer with us. 

Girls like carrots, fruit and healthy things. Boys like chips, fish fingers and beans. Every meal time.  

Girls like candy. Boys like chocolate. 

Girls love Mummy. Boys love Daddy. < what is it with that! They obviously love both of us but Isla always wants Mummy and Noah always wants Daddy. 


 If there are any more things like this you have observed, or yours are the complete opposite I would love to hear it in the comments below…

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Last Update: Tuesday, 30th August 2016