A BIG YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH to Lucy and Mark, on the very safe arrival of Emmeline Whiffin. Charlotte is now a big sister and I am sure she will be a very good big sister.

I am so looking forward to meeting the new arrival, Emmeline is such a beautiful name. Reading Zarias blog of the run up to Lucys labour, brought all the emotions back to me from when Noah was born. It is just so overwhelming how you feel and what you go through.

Zaria has all this to go through too in just under 3 months now, I still dont think she will understand how overwhelming it all is, until she goes through it.

I am very proud of all my good friends who are currently bearing bumps and up until yesterday that including Lucy! 🙂 Zaria is due in 3 months, Hayley is due in January and Becky is expecting twins around March/April time. I think Becky had a most shocking first time experience at her scan yesterday when they told her she was expecting twins! How very exciting.

So lots of happy times ahead for all of my lovely friends; Lucy, Mark and Charlotte with their new arrival, Emmeline. Zaria, Hayley and Becky with their bubbies, which I am very much looking forward to meeting.

On not so happy news, little Noah is currently having a tough time, I think his back teeth are coming through and his poop is burning his little toosh. So he has had a stinging bottom for 24 hours, he wont let me go near him, without force, and he yelped when I put him in the bath last night, it was so upsetting to see him so upset. Fingers crossed it gets better over night! x


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Last Update: Wednesday, 21st September 2011