I cant believe my baby boy is now 11 months old and nearly 1 years old. Its crazy how quickly the past 11 months have gone, I cant quite get my head around it.

We took Noah to the beach on Saturday as it was nice and sunny, he loved it, he was playing with the stones and seaweed – I taught him how to throw the stones, to avoid him eating them and the sand! haha It worked well and he soon learnt to throw them, he thought it was rather funny.

We have a lot going on at the moment, so forgive me for not posting too much! We are moving house in a couple of weeks and its Noah’s first birthday, its all go!

Ive been back at work for about 2 months now and its going well, people were right in telling me that its like a break! haha Noah is climbing, walking around the furniture, shouting, constantly wanting attention and I think hes started teething today! OUCHY, he has all his front teeth. I am NOT looking forward to the back ones coming through at all.

Work is going really well, I go in and do my job and I dont worry about Noah as I know he will be happy at his Nanna’s and Nanny’s… I also know how much they love having him, so its great. Im not looking forward to the day I come home though and one of them tells me he made his first steps, Because I just know that is going to happen! 🙁

How do people cope with full time work and babies? I would hate it, i love watching Noah grow up and being involved with his life and what he does. I play toys with him, sing with him, read books to him, play crawling games, go for walks, go to the park, plays with doggies and lots more, but  I wouldnt want to change that for the world. I love him very much and Im very lucky to be able to have a good job and a great husband who lets me work part time… Thank you Daddy!!!

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Last Update: Monday, 17th October 2011