Crafty Constants: Eggy Easter People

Inspired by the Eggy competition running on the Polarn O.Pyret Facebook page we decorated our little eggy heads today and we all got very creative, including Daddy and Grandad. Mummy got the glue and ribbon out, Daddy/Grandad & Noah stuck to the paint and pens. (Any excuse to get my craft box out!).


Daddy went for a rather sophisticated Daddy egg look, using his pens and drew a rather professional looking eggy Daddy! Daddy doesn’t actually wear glasses, nor does he have red hair but I thought it was a good attempt never the less… IMG_2332

Grandad was a little more creative, he got the paints and he even decorated 2 eggs…


Mummy got the acrylic glue, string and of course the funky ribbons and this is what I came up with…


Little Noah decorated his egg and his arm, ear and hair with a rather Creme Egg kind of feel to it, like a melted Creme Egg wrapper… but Noah assures me it is him and he even made an Isla…



We had lots of fun decorating our Eggy Easter People and they are off hiding little eggy’s for Noah & Isla to find in our Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday.






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