#CountryKids – Spring is coming

You can tell Spring is in the air, the crisp mornings are coming full of dew and sometimes frost which protects the beautiful flowers that are starting to bloom. A sign of spring is most definitely the daffodils – we found a beautiful spot in Cambridge this weekend full of the yellow pretties. FL2A3074

We took a drive to Cambridge and parked up by the river, then took a walk into town and had a spot of lunch with the little ones. It was a nice walk in the fresh air and a yummy meal as well. The children enjoyed running around after each other and especially smelling the beautiful flowers.


We played hide and seek around a big, old, tree trunk and chased each other along the path by the river. The daffodils really cheered us up, made me feel like the nicer weather is starting to come around. We got home and tidied up the garden, some mouldy apples and weeds were making it a little yucky and the children helped us – it was nice to all be out in the garden. I have a sense of what our Summer months are going to be like! But then it started to rain, at least we could run inside and get warm.




FL2A3144 FL2A3148 FL2A3155 FL2A3170



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