We took a trip to Lode today, to pay another visit to Anglesey Abbey, we really loved it from our last trip and we had lots of fun. We also signed up to the National Trust membership for a year, so we are going to make the most out of our local destinations. 


We got there just before lunch, so we stopped just by the house and set up our little Constant picnic before setting off a little adventure around the woodlands and mill. We did a quick route around the woods with the cabin and story circle, headed up the big Lime Tree house and then made our way over to the right hand side of the mansion house – which was new territory and we were very glad we did. 





We took a walk up past the mansion house to look at the old Mill, it is a beautifully old building that smells full of history as soon as you walk inside, Noah had a lot of fun walking around the floors and trying to find the wheel – I think he was wondering why the water wasn’t working on the wheel as that is how I explained it to him. He was asking about the Mill for the rest of the afternoon, so I think it interested him quite a bit. 


Whilst walking around the Mill grounds we came across a beautiful, large garden full of shrubs and colours – it looked magnificent and I really wish I had a garden like it. I was amazed, Isla loved the flowers too. It was just so peaceful and tranquil, Isla took a fondness for the big bright white bench that had a man either end. I think she thought the little men were alive. 




We spent the most part of the afternoon: chasing, laughing, exploring and being happy together – our little family unit. It was lovely. We got some funny photos along the way too… 


IMG_5529 IMG_5539



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