Travel is tiring, stressful, and at times a bit scary. Most of us rock up to the airport departure lounge with our trusty suitcase and bulging handbag, hoping our flight isn’t delayed and we don’t end up sitting next to the passenger from hell. For celebrities, it is a different story. They arrive with stylish luggage from, a minder or two, and in most cases wearing a seriously stylish outfit. So what celebrity inspired outfits should you wear for your annual trip abroad this year?

Trendy Tracksuits

It is easy to sabotage your fashion credentials by wearing a dodgy tracksuit, but a trendy pair of leggings teamed with a track jacket is stylish, comfortable and celebrity friendly. Kris Jenner was papped wearing a Chloe tracksuit at Nice Airport and Charli XCX was recently spotted wearing a tracksuit jacket with an Adidas logo, so pick your brand and travel in comfort.

If you are feeling particularly jaunty (and brave) don a cropped sports top and show off your abs. Bella Hadid likes this look.

Leather Rules

Leather has enjoyed a revival and celebrities are regularly spotted at airports wearing leather jackets and leather joggers. Gwen Stefani is queen of the leather joggers – there are very few people who can pull off this look, but she is definitely one of them. Gwyneth Paltrow is also fond of leather trousers when travelling and Kristen Stewart can often be seen sporting her favourite leather jacket at airports.

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are a classic. We all have a pair in our wardrobe, often so worn that they are falling apart at the seams. The great thing about denim is that it is comfortable. This is probably why celebrities choose to wear denim when travelling. Rose Huntington-Whitely likes to be casual when she travels, so she sticks to ripped denim jeans and a casual bomber jacket. Julianne Moore prefers a retro 70’s vibe, with flared jeans and a hippy neck scarf.

Tailored Chic

Taylor Swift is rarely seen looking anything less than polished and chic. When she travels, she tends to wear cute tailored dresses with a designed handbag and sensible shoes. Victoria Beckham is very similar, in that she doesn’t do ‘casual’. Instead, she is usually snapped wearing tailored trousers from her own range, topped with button down blouses and stylish jackets. However, unlike Ms Swift, Victoria prefers to wear heels.

Chic Outerwear

Many stars like to wear a chic jacket or coat when travelling. This is sensible, since you never know what the weather will be like when you land. Chloe Moretz was photographed wearing a pea jacket whereas the ever-stylish Kendall Jenner favours a brightly coloured dust jacket. Blake Lively, on the other hand, prefers a classic trench coat. If you want to be even more casual, wear an over-sized jumper instead of a coat.

One accessory you can’t afford to be without when travelling is a pair of dark designer shades. Celebrities wouldn’t be seen without a pair, so nor should you.

Travel outfit image by ShutterStock.

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Last Update: Thursday, 9th June 2016