We just love our new utility room floor; it is the most stylish pattern and I just love walking into the room. It’s funny how a new floor can make you smile so much. Choosing suitable flooring for family life can be tricky as it has to be durable and easy to clean. That’s why we chose this design from Harvey Maria, Lattice Tarn LVT designed by Dee Hardwicke. 


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Everyone loves a before and after, so let’s start with the before. We adored the pattern style of the old utility room flooring; it was a striking pattern, and everyone always commented on it. We wanted to get new flooring that did the same, had the same effect but looked stylish and would last a long time. If you look closely the old flooring was curling up at the edges and had a lot of sun damage. I think it was about 30 years old. But it was dangerous and always looked unclean. 


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We had our flooring installed professionally, I would recommend this as the flooring needs to be laid perfectly in order for it to remain durable and perfect for family life. The flooring has to be laid on a hard flat surface, so the old tiles were covered up. This creates the perfect surface for the LVT tiles to be laid on top. LVT is luxury vinyl tile, it is hard-wearing, and I love it as it doesn’t feel as cold as ceramic tiles. You can easily work out how many tiles you need by using the calculator on the Harvey Maria website, which is an easy way of making sure you get the right amount of flooring. You can also find a list of approved fitters on the Harvey Maria website too! 

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I honestly couldn’t love this floor anymore. The design, by Dee Hardwicke, is hand-painted. You can see the tiles are not exactly the same and that makes it feel more unique. More special. The tiles have a texture across the top, this makes it easier to clean and it stops the children from sliding across the utility room with their muddy wellies. We chose the Lattice Tarn design as I really loved the shade of grey. It really works well with the grey kitchen appliances that we have in the utility room and I can add splashes of colour with seasonal flowers. The daffodils and sunflowers really stand out against the grey and white theme. 

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This flooring is so easy to clean, if you think about how much traffic this flooring gets, it’s incredible it still looks white. Muddy wellies from the children and muddy footprints from the pets. It is a constant battle with kids and pets keeping the house clean, so having a floor that means I can clean it quickly is essential. I loved the FloorSpa cleaning kit from Harvey Maria, it comes with a Scrub, Cleanse and Protect solution that enables you to scrub the excess glue from the tiles, clean the floors and then protect them from scruff marks and micro-scratching. I love the satin finish too!

I have loved updating our family home and making it have a modern, vibrant, feel to it. The utility room is our latest renovation. Do you love a fun pattern on your floor or do you prefer something else? Do you have any LVT cleaning tips? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.