Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature range has been a range we used since Noah was born, we still use the bottles and steriliser today and can honestly say that the bottles have been really good – hard wearing, comfortable to hold, easy for baby to hold and easy to keep clean.

The bottles designed for 0+ are designed specifically for ease of swapping from breast to bottle, to make it easier to combine feed. With Noah I bottle fed from after week 1 as we both didn’t get on with breastfeeding as you may remember. My mum had brought us the Tommee Tippee bottles and steriliser as a gift before Noah arrived and so we felt lucky to have them around when we realised that Noah would be fed better by the bottle. I used the Tommee Tippee electric breast pump with these bottles and it worked really well, the bottles fit the pump perfectly (they are designed to work together) and I could just store the milk in the fridge after pumping it for him.

The easi-vent teats on the Closer to Nature range are designed to mimic natural flex, movement and softness of your breast. There is  an antic colic valve on the teat to help prevent colic, but we didn’t have this problem with Noah – he was a great baby. Fed perfectly and in routine, we could set our clock by him and it might of had something to do with the bottles we chose to use.

The bottle itself is shaped in such a way that it made it easy for Noah to hold himself, it didn’t take him long until he was wrapping his hands around the bottle where it gets wider and he was feeding himself, it was very cute! He liked to do it himself, very independent little chap and the way the bottles are shaped it made it really easy for him to do it.

You can buy the bottles from the Tommee Tippee website:

MummyConstant Bottle Summary

Sterilising: We used the Tommee Tippee electric steriliser with these bottles when Noah was a baby, it is really easy to use, simply clean the bottles and put them in the steriliser (in the certain places) and press the button. Extremely simple.


Cleaning: Because the bottles are wide and breast shaped, they are really easy to clean. The flexible teat is stretchy which makes it easier to get a bottle brush in the teat to wash it quickly. I would wash these bottles in the sink with the other washing up (I would do the bottles first though), so they were cleaned in minutes and ready to put in the steriliser.

Useage: Extremely comfortable bottle for both parents and baby, easy for baby to learn to hold themselves which is great for independence and development. The teats were breast shaped, flexible and really comfortable which also made it better for Noah to feed from.

Things to look out for: When Noah got teeth he bit through the nibs of a few bottles, so we had to upgrade the teats to the 6mth+ as they were a bit tougher and he hasn’t managed to get through them yet and he’s 2 soon πŸ™‚ You can buy teats on the Tommee Tippee website.

You can read more about the bottles and products on the Tommee Tippee website:, you can like them on Facebook: and follow them on Twitter:

Here’s my little man when he was a baby with his Tommee Tippee bottle…


*The reason we didn’t use the bottles with Isla is because we wanted her to have completely different bottles to stop a couple of things, a) arguing over bottles and b) making sure the right ones are sterilised. Noah didn’t like it when Isla had her first bottle, I don’t think he quite understood – but giving him his bottle did help!


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