I was lucky enough to be sent a MAM Manual Pump to review when I was pregnant with Isla, the manual pump came with a green MAM anti colic bottle to capture the milk that you have expressed. I say I'm lucky I was sent the pump because I would never have come across the bottles, they are absolutely fantastic and by far the best bottles I have ever used.

They are so easy to use, the anti colic system is fantastic and really helped with Isla. I am in a firm routine with the bottles now, I never have any trouble washing them and they fit in the steriliser too. The other really good thing about these bottles is that they self sterilise!!! This has come in extremely handy over the weeks.

The teat shape was perfect for Isla – she was happiest feeding from this shaped teat and the cleaning of the bottles is really easy. As you can see from the photo, the shape of them is like an oblong shape, they are thin one side and wide the other. Which makes them a great shape to slot into tiny mouths, she responded really well to these bottles, where we had had problems with some of the other bottles we tried. I've never seen a teat shaped like this on other bottles, so it's not something I would have thought to look out for, but the thin and wide style works really well.

The Anti colic system is made up of holes in the bottom of the bottle, which creates a ventilation so that the milk flows smoothly and the baby doesn't swallow any air. It has an 80% chance of preventing colic in babies and I have to say from experience they have helped with Isla and her colic. She was less windy, in more of a routine and seemed a lot happier when using these bottles.

The bottom of the bottles have a white silicone part which covers up the holes that help with the ventilation. You can take the white part out to clean it.

You can buy these bottles on Babyhuddle, which is an online society where mums advise other mums! You can search for products and order them all via the website.
MummyConstant Bottle Summary
Sterilising: Extremely easy to sterilise and also self sterilising which helps a great deal when you are busy and out and about. When we go away, I know that we don't need to pack up the big steriliser – because you can put them in the microwave and they sterilise.
Cleaning: When cleaning, you pull the bottle apart, the white part at the bottom of the bottle falls out easily and then you put it all together to sterilise. Takes a little longer than some other bottles because you have an extra part to assemble/dissemble etc, the bottom of the bottle unscrews – but it adds an extra minute at the most.
Useage: Comfortable teat, comfortable bottle and Isla is just starting to hold it herself and at 4.5 months old, that's not bad. She's able to cup the bottle where it dips out, so the shape has helped her adapt to the bottles easily.
Things to look out for: make sure all the parts are together properly, because you have the extra screw part at the bottom of the bottle, just be careful to do it up tight!
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Here's my little princess with her MAM bottle:

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Last Update: Thursday, 27th September 2012