Vital Baby sent us 2 of their Nurture Breast-Like-Feeding-Bottles to try out with little Isla. The teat is extremely flexible due to the patented FlexZone technology that Vital Baby use to make sure that it provides the most comfort for your baby. This is the only bottle I have seen on the market that really does has the resemblance of a breast. The pattern on the teat, the roundness and shape of the teat itself really looks like a breast and the feel of the teat is soft and flexible which makes it also feel like a breast, it is made from medical grade silicone. The bottles were developed to help support us mums that breastfeed and it meant that we could successful express milk so that Daddy could feed Isla sometimes.

The Nurture bottles have been developed with an anti colic AirFlow system which means that there is less risk of your baby swallowing air during feeds. When Isla fed from this bottle, I did find that we didn’t have to break as much to wind her, she would polish off a couple of ounces with other bottles and need winding, with these bottles she would drink at least 3oz at a time. So we were winding less within a feed and finding that we didn’t need to wind as much after feeds either.

The shape of the bottle is contoured which makes it really comfortable to hold the bottle for baby, it feels like you aren’t holding anything because the bottle is short and wide.

Because the bottles are in only 2 parts and the bottles/teat are wide, it is really easy to clean them. They fit into the steriliser really well because they are small bottles and I found them really easy to use. We had only one issue and that was the way Isla fed (her position) she could never get the last little bit out of the bottle, so we had to manoeuvre the bottles in such a way as to make the milk go to the teat.

MummyConstant Bottle Summary

Sterilising: You sterilise these in your normal method, then they are ready to go. Usual process would take 5 minutes.

Cleaning: Very simple and easy to clean because of the wide bottle and teat – you do not necessarily need a bottle brush to clean and makes it a little quicker to clean them. I wash them in the washing up bowl (before I’ve washed anything else up) with the sponge and they come up clean, so they take seconds to clean.

Useage: A small, contoured bottle that is extremely comfortable to hold, the teat is a perfect breast shape, making it easy for swapping between breast and bottle.

Things to look out for: When the milk gets low be careful of how you hold the bottle as the milk needs to reach the centre of the teat.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 25th September 2012