At 20 weeks, we are doing quite a lot of things and compared to Noah she still seems so tiny. She loves standing up in her “spaceship” which is great as it really helps me when I need to attend to Noah or quickly do some housework – yes it is known that I clean up sometimes! She is extremely strong on her feet and front, which I also remember Noah being like from an early age, she can really push her head up and she's rolling too.

When she's on her activity mat, she's learnt that she can pull herself up and/or over if she holds onto the hanging toys, it's funny watching her explore. She will lie there playing for ages, which is also nice as it means I get to share my time up between them a bit better.

She is firmly holding things now, she grabs you and won't let go of you for love nor money, which is cute. We can sit up with some help, but she's getting her balance, you can see her wobbling slightly to find her way – so I don't think that will be far off and she can drag herself all over the lounge, she lifts her belly up when she's on her front and you can see her trying to crawl. Eeeek!

Daddy gave me this photo (to the right) this week from back in May, look how dinky she is. I know she is still small, but it seems unreal to think she was any smaller than she is now.

We are still in 0-3 months clothes bless her, but she's growing. I did the “weigh it yourself” thing with her too, I weighed me on my own and then both of our weights and she's roughly 12lb from what I can gather. I will find out about weigh in around my area soon, I promise.

Her sleeping is still all over the place at night time, she has a good few days of sleeping until 6am ish and then she will have nights where she wakes up 2/3 times for milk – that's all she ever wants, a top up and then she goes straight back to sleep. I think I have worked out that my little Rae Rae has a sleeping quota for a 24 hour period and if she sleeps more in the day (using some of her quota up) she sleeps less at night. The other day we went to London and she slept in the car en route for 90 minutes and for the same on the way home, then that night she woke up at 5:30am… Brgh.

So now I am trying to keep her up during the day, she tends to have more cat naps of 15/20mins and about 3/4 of them, anything more she will wake up really early. This is just a theory but ill keep you posted.

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Last Update: Thursday, 27th September 2012