You may remember last year I posted a few photos on my social media of cool ideas for presenting the children’s lunches, Bento style. Lucy over on her blog Capture by Lucy has been blogging about the different creations she makes for her boys lunches and it inspired me once again.


I love the ideas that can come out of being just a little bit different with preparing the lunches, you could do different themes everyday and I really cannot wait until I have to prepare pack lunches the day before. They will have very different themes each day, it will great fun for me and hopefully for them too. Today I went with  a Disney theme. I love Disney as do the children and I have a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, so I used that to cut the sandwhich shapes. Simple idea, but effective. They both gobbled up their sandwhich quicker than I have ever seen before!


For this simple Bento lunch there was:

  • 1 mature cheddar and soft cheese Mickey Mouse sandwhich
  • 1 mouse-cake of semi frozen blueberries
  • 1 mouse-cake of cheddar crisps
  • 1 mouse-cake of chopped cucumber



I love being creative with food, considering I am not the greatest chef – that is definitely Daddy in the Constant household, I love baking and I love being creative with foods. I would make for a good “preparer” I think! Raid your cupboards, see what foods you have that you can include in a creative lunch, themed around something meaningful. Have a look around the internet for inspiration too, one of my other favourite bloggers The Boy and Me has started to blog about her creative surges – some great inspiration and in everywhere you look too!


DSC_4744 DSC_4749

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Last Update: Tuesday, 1st April 2014