You may have seen over recent months, photos of my little ones with their funky owl and lion bags, I thought I would share the fabulousness and let you know where you can grab them from in the UK – you can follow in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham and Halle Berry.


The designs are so cute: the owl, Papar and the lion, Rory are very popular designs and I think you will agree they are very fitting for little Noah and Isla. Other designs can be found on the Beatrix New York products page and you can see previews of the new design: Fei Fei the panda. There are some really girlie designs like Papar, Dolce & Panna, Pocchari and Penelope. Whilst the designs fit for the boys are: Lucas, Dieter, Alexander and Percival. But there are some designs that are fit for both boys and girls: Juju and Mochi for starters.


Noah and Isla use their beautiful Beatrix New York little kid backpacks for nursery, they are a perfect size to fit their changes of clothes, wellies and a couple of pairs of spare socks. With Isla, it is more a case of 5 changes of clothes as she loves her messy play and messy eating. Everyone comments on the bags when we are at nursery or en route, or anyone that comes to the house. They are very attractive bags and perfect for the little ones. They make a perfect gift idea for a little boy or girl and to fill it with their favourite things.


You can buy these fantastic backpacks at any of these Everdell stockists, you can follow in the footsteps of celebrities and get the seasons “must have” fashion statement for little ones! Beatrix New York produce backpacks, big and small, lunch boxes, wheelie bags, micro cuddlies, cozy-cans and iPad cases. We were lucky enough to review the little backpacks and an iPad case in the Juju design.


These iPad cases are really well made, the interior is super soft which will help to protect your iPad screen and they fit in the iPad case like a bug in a rug! The zip is of top quality too, it is so nice to see bags made with quality items. I have so many children’s bags with broken zips. Because the iPad case is for Noah, he uses it to keep his LeapPad safe, which is really cute. He always puts it away when he is finished and zips it up. It is perfect for that too. Perfect for children.


Noah calls it his “compooter bag” and he looks after it along with his LeapPad really well. It is very cute to watch. I think we will be getting Isla one with her own compooter for her upcoming birthday. The iPad cases come in a limited range of designs: Pixel, Papar, Percival and of course, Juju. We are going to get Papar for Isla, it will match her nursery bag too.

DSC_3918 DSC_3927

There are lots of fantastic products and designs from the Beatrix New York range, you can follow them on Twitter @beatrixny  and like their Facebook page to keep updated on latest products and deals.


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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019