Do you like playing games with the children? That include treats? Oh, healthy treats? Then I have the perfect game for you. Bear Nibbles sent us a package that contained enough Super Sour YoYos and YoYos to play a game of roulette, or two! The children and grown ups loved it. Such a great idea and it was really fun watching their cute faces when they had a sour treat!

Super Sour YoYos

So, you’ve probably seen the YoYos packets on the supermarket shelves, pure fruit yumminess that the kids see as sweet treats. Which is great! Now Bear Nibbles have created YoYos Sours, which are just amazing. If you like sour sweets, like me. They are pure fruit and so vegan/vegetarian and sompletely healthy treats for the children. Yes and grown ups. Being vegetarian I do not get to eat fizzy chewy sweets anymore and when they launched YoYos Sours I jumped for joy.

There are three flavours to the sour range: blackcurrant and apple, mango and apple & strawberry and apple.

These little soury guys are even one of your five a day! Perfect.

Shall I tell you the secret to how they make them sour? It’s all in a little squeeze of a lemon! It’s amazing that such a simple ingredient can transfer the flavour and create that tang on your tongue.

How to set up a YoYos roulette game

All you need for this game is a spinner board, pinch one from Twister or make one if you are crafty. The board needs to have an arrow in the centre that you can spin. When the arrow stops, it lands on a selection of sour or not sour pure fruit YoYos. Whatever it lands on you have to eat it and guess if it’s sour or not. Quite simple really. You also get to have fun reading all the interesting facts on the collectible cards inside the packets too.

We played it until all of our YoYos had run out. It was a yummy game.

You can grab YoYos Sours at the supermarkets and you can find out more about them on the Bear Nibbles website. There is also a lot of fun things to do on the website too: recipe ideas, a secret spy game (which I found really fun), a time travelling time cave and some outdoor fun ideas.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 15th August 2017